An FTP based Python Module repository

Quinn Dunkan quinn at
Fri Feb 11 21:51:15 CET 2000

>m.faassen at (Martijn Faassen) writes:
>> Let's not ignore you. :) Am I the only one who thinks that this
>> 'archive of Python modules' could be constructed pretty easily now
>> that you gave us Parnassus? We can write a script that translates
>> Parnassus's structure into directory structure, and then downloads
>> everything through any download link given. Add an extra link to
>> Parnassus download pages ('cached'), and open an FTP site if you
>> like. Run this script once every while, or continuously in the
>> background of something. And there we have our archive.
>> Am I missing something? I'm not saying *Tim* should do this all this
>> hard work (he's doing more than enough already), but am I the only
>> one who considers this quite doable given Parnassus?
>> Regards,
>> Martijn

Another possibility would be to allow mirroring of the VoP database.  Then
people could set up their own vaults and take some of the load off
(I've had numerous "trouble with the database, try again later" msgs, don't
know if this is related to load or not, and other people have indicated
sporadic trouble reaching  Also, this would allow people to set up a
more straight-forward layout for those with modems and those who have trouble
reading all those shades of blue, and not have to bother tim about it (besides
getting him to get the code to release quality and add the mirroring
capability!).  This would also enable ftp-style mirroring, cmdline tools,
__import__ tricks to snag modules automatically (shudder), etc.

Or it could be set as a distributed sort of thing, where modules propagate
over the network, but no one site is the "master archive".  Or is this what
CPAN does?

Also, it doesn't appear parnassus actually stores the modules, just links to
the author's page.  This eliminates versioning problems (and makes the
database a lot smaller!), but doesn't work so well for authors without web
pages or who disappear.

Don't get me wrong, I think VoP is way cool and quite handy, but it isn't
quite perfect yet.

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