What is winfo_id() under Win32

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Feb 1 07:02:24 EST 2000

"Attila Filetóth" <tothfile at freemail.hu> wrote in message
news:38916AC9.AD1008A2 at freemail.hu...

> > In the meantime, the following _should_ work:
> >
> > wnd = win32ui.CreateWindowFromHande()
> > parent = wnd.GetParent()
> Unfortunately I also get an Attribute error for

Damn - should cut and paste :-)  CreateWindowFromHandle - didnt have
the 'l'

> Actually when I search through win32* files for the string
> it matches in the file Pythonwin\win32ui.pyd (and
> while 'CreateWindowFromHande' cannot be found at all and neither of
> can be imported.

Its in the Pythonwin help file (if you add the 'l' :-)

> (I've fetched the latest win32all.exe but it was the same I've
> installed)


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