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Peter Stoehr peter.stoehr at sdm.de
Thu Feb 17 09:36:39 EST 2000

Hi J.C.,

"J.C.Travers" schrieb:

> The best GUI in my opinion is pyQT. It is a fully supported
> widget/application set written in C++, so it is natural for python
> (object-orientated). The python wrappers for it are brilliant and the
> documentation is massive (unlike Tk). It is available on your platform
> (as well as Unix and Mac) and has every conceivable widget you could
> want. (Particular tables and multicolumn list boxes). It is simple and
> logical to code in.
I always tought that pyQT is based on QT. As far as I know QT is not
available for Mac. In addition, you have to pay for QT (appr. 1200$) on
Windows-Systems as far as I know. 
Thus, from my point of view pyQT is not the first choice for Windows
In addition, there exist a lot of documentation for Tkinter. For example
the book "Python and Tkinter Programming" from John E. Grayson.

Greetings from bavaria 

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