Dist. Object Directory (was: Re: An FTP based Python Module repository)

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at ub.d.umn.edu
Sat Feb 5 18:38:30 CET 2000

On 4 Feb 2000, chris patti wrote:

> > And to me, a similarily interesting idea would be to have a server with a
> > number of mirrors, that could host remote objects using dopy (alpha code,
> > but easy to use IMO) or fnord.  This probably isn't the most practical of
> > all things, but the idea fascinates me. 
> Well, it sounds cool but it's the wrong level of abstraction for the
> problem :)

Yes, I realize that, but the idea appeals to me, some how.  As I said, I'm
not sure about it's usefulness or practicallity. :)

> How would an object broker approach help this situation?

It wouldn't.  My idea would entail doing something like this:
(example using dopy)

RemoteObj = dopy.remote('server.here.org',9600, 'aReallyCoolObject')

I've played around with dopy some, and since modules themselves are
objects, you can remotely import modules. 

As I said, this really would be a better substitute than what you
describe, not at all.  Just an idea which interest me.


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