Iterators & generators (RE: Real Problems with Python)

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>[Samuel A. Falvo II, wonders about "suspend" semantics after
> Tim's unelaborated example]
>[Aahz Maruch, proves that you don't have to be a lambda-head to
> pick up the thrust of it at once -- thanks!]

I have to admit that I used Icon briefly in a CS class more than a
decade ago; it made much more of an impression on me than Lisp did, even
though I still have my LISPcraft book and I can't seem to find my Icon
book.  (My professor was from UoA.)  It was interesting trying to cast
my memory back that far.

BTW, it turns out that much of the Icon documentation is now on-line at

>From my POV, Icon is a lot like Perl written by a Pascal programmer,
with (from my more experienced viewpoint) its almost excessive emphasis
on expressions rather than statements.  I think that overall Python
doesn't go quite far enough in that direction, but adding generators
should make up much of the balance.
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