CPython, JPython, and corba

Jody Winston josephwinston at mac.com
Fri Feb 11 20:24:05 EST 2000

Bill Scherer <scherbi at bam.com> writes:

> Howdy -
> I have a need to do ditributed objects, like corba, fnorb, ilu, pyro,
> dopy, or whatever, that will work between CPython and JPython.
> Pyro and dopy both use the select module which JPython doesn't have.  Is
> such a beast available for JPython?
> Fnorb uses some C so I don't think that will work either.
> Has anybody doen this, and if so, with what?

I've used ILU and CPython along with lots of other code for a backend
and the GUI was implemented in JPython and JFC using Visibroker.  The
hardest part was setting up the naming service.

You should be able to use ILU for both Pythons, I just haven't tried it.

Jody Winston

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