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On 11 Feb, Forget it wrote:
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> Steve Holden wrote:
>> This is flamebait.  I declare this thread closed.
>> Unilaterally.  NOW.
> Flamebait, huh? In the eye of beholder, perhaps. Here: "A line
> containing a line continuation character cannot contain a comment." Now,
> that's real advanced. How about "only text typed with your left hand
> constitutes valid input"? Classes full o code... Like I said, phooey.
> The docs are very decent though, it's a shame that the thing itself is
> so funny. Seems like, at the end of the day, Visual Basic does win. Even
> though it sucks royally too. Jeezus, Tiny C with objects, that's all I
> ask for. Any recommendations?

If you really want a C-like scripting language, I have two suggestions
for you: JavaScript or Pike.

JavaScript is pretty well-known, has a fairly C-like syntax, and does
have some OO support (although in a very ugly way - class definitions
are implied by constructor functions that access a "this"reference).

Another C-like alternative I would suggest, even though I don't know
much about it, is Pike, which has been described as "somewhere between
Java, Perl, and Python".  Form what I have seen, pike is much cleaner
than JavaScript.  The downside is that the Pike community is MUCH
smaller and the library support for Pike is nowhere near the collosal
Python Standard Library.  It seems that has only 1 pike
module in their applist, although that may not be the appropriatte
place to look (again, I don't know Pike much - maybe someone else here
knows more about it.

A good place to look for Pike info is the Pike homepage,
Sean Blakey
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