Which GUI?

Michael Hudson mwh21 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 21 14:15:54 EST 2000

Moshe Zadka <moshez at math.huji.ac.il> writes:

> On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> >   Tkinter is a component oriented UI library, which
> >   is carefully designed to work well with Python.
> >   and vice versa -- a certain Python feature was
> >   in fact added in part to make Tkinter a bit easier
> >   to use (can you name this feature?)
> def f(**kw):
> 	pass

Poking at Misc/HISTORY, I thought it was the .pyw file extension on
Windows thingy.

> do-i-get-the-effbotic-prize-or-what-ly y'rs, Z.

Who can say?


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