Corel + Borland = The End of MS Win

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Fri Feb 11 11:57:32 CET 2000

Above all: Python is my favorite daily tool and toy, but...
at i found some
things, that i'd like to see in Python. All of them are the powerful
features of Ruby (from the point of view Ruby authors):

- All data (including Integer, String, List, etc.) in Ruby are class
- Ruby converts small integers and long integers automatically.
- Ruby has assignment syntax sugar such as +=, -=, etc.
- Ruby has real garbage collector, not ref-counting. So that:
  Not subject to memory leaks like ref-counting is.
  No INCREF, DECREF are required for extensions.
- Extensions for Ruby written in C/C++ can easily define Ruby classes.
- Ruby's block for method can be used more than iterator; e.g.
  mutex.synchronize do
    .. critical process ..
  (How about Python on multiprocessor boxes? How about to discard global

All these features already were discussed here earlier, but I do not find
any convincing reason
not to include them into Python 1.6

Oleg Orlov

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> Lieber Bernhard,
> You are not happy with Borland's products? Neither am I!
> But being a 'Free Software Projects and Consulting', you should be more
> Linux-oriented than MSWin-oriented.
> All these stuffs (Perl, Tcl, Python) are more home on Unix than MSWin,
> and soon their wrapper (Ruby) will make Unix the destiny.
> Check this out: to see what IBM is talking about Ruby.
> Cheers (Oh sure: Viele Gruesse aus Minnesota/USA).
> Dat
> BTW:
> Did Osnabrueck finally make it to the Erste Fussball Bundesliga?
> Ich bin so lange weg vom Deutschland und habe keine Ahnung mehr.
> Spielen Gerd Muehler und Franz Beckenbauer immer noch fuer Bayern
> Muenchen?
> In article <87ttfm$nt8$2 at>,
>   breiter at usf.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE (Bernhard Reiter) wrote:
> > In article <87q1jh$437$1 at>,
> > thucdat1143 at writes:
> > > It doesn't matter anymore that Gates resigned, maybe he already saw
> > > where Coplan was heading to. That's the end of Python/Tcl/Perl on
> Win32.
> >
> > Oh, you mean, because Win32 will die out so quickly because
> > Borland and Corel have joined.
> >
> > From the technical point of view, the Borland products I used always
> > left things to be desired.
> >
> > > Erase your 95/98/NT, install Linux now. Bright future for everything
> > > (Python, Tcl, Perl) on Linux because Unix is their home anyway.
> > Python is very much at home on Win32.
> > And I hope it will stay his way, because python saves my day if I
> > really have to do "stuff" on Win32.
> >
> > Bernhard
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