Iterators & generators (RE: Real Problems with Python)

Fernando Pereira pereira at
Sat Feb 26 16:03:40 EST 2000

In article <001601bf7853$6b03e7e0$b7a0143f at tim>, Tim Peters
<tim_one at> wrote:
> In fact, coroutines most often pop up in languages
> designed for writing event simulations (like Simula-67, which is a wonderful
> early one that also anticipated much of modern OO machinery!).
Like Algol-60, a great improvement on most of its successors. A cynic
might say that Java is just a Simula-67 idiom with {} instead of BEGIN
END.  Simula-67 coroutines were much simpler to use than Java threads
for producer/consumer patterns.

-- F

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