Thanx and keep it coming. Or I'll flame some more <g>...(Re: Python sucks loud)

Jason Stokes jstok at
Sat Feb 12 03:24:45 EST 2000

Forget it wrote in message ...

>Speaking about C--I don't care for it to be C, actually C is not the
>best for me, but I'd like it to be interpreted, have types (user types a
>big nice-to-have), and objects. And the C-ish syntax, like in Perl, so I
>don't have to be undergo a major attitude adjustment every time I switch
>from one to another.

Actually, it is often far easier to adapt to a syntax that is completely
different, than to one that is similar but subtly different.  To much
"bleeding" of one domain into the other occurs if languages are too similar.

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