Fully Bracketed Syntax

Hans Nowak hnowak at cuci.nl
Thu Feb 10 17:31:40 EST 2000

On 10 Feb 00, at 16:13, Eaglestone, Robert [NGC:B918: wrote:

> Hello all,
> In general, it seems to me that all good programmers
> indent their code.  However, mandating it as part of
> the form of a language sounds ... strange.

Rob... give me the crowbar. The horse is quite dead. ;-)

If you check the newsgroup archives, you'll find that this topic has been 
discussed over and over again, especially last month. (I wonder why this 
suddenly has become such a 'hot topic' again... one thread isn't dead yet 
or another person asks the same question about whitespace and indentation.) 
Not meaning to reprimand you, but if you browse the archives, you will most 
likely find some answers to your questions.

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