breaking the ; habit

Richard Brodie R.Brodie at
Fri Feb 18 04:35:18 EST 2000

"Ivan Van Laningham" <ivanlan at> wrote in message news:38AC6549.8C48CA4 at

> > > I'm a die-hard C++ programmer that recently took up Python for a change of
> > > scenery and am enjoying it greatly.  The one problem I am having is that I
> > > can't break myself of the semicolon habit.  I've tried chewing gum but it
> > > just doesn't seem to work, and I'd like to avoid the patch.  Any ideas?
> >
> > glue an inverted thumbtack to your ";" key.
> > if that doesn't work, coat it with poison,
> > or maybe LSD.

Heh. Not particularly good for the converse problem of leaving out the colon,
which still gets me, unless your keyboard is laid out differently from mine.

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