MetaKit for python (Mk4py) on Macintosh ... no way :(

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Tue Feb 29 11:31:46 EST 2000

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Arnaud Fontaine  <arnaud at> wrote:
>Now MetaKit is working fine and does almost what I want :)
So what is MetaKit lacking?  I think
perhaps I'm not following some of the
flurry of posts in this thread.
>I also tried Gadfly which is plenty old SQL but, as far as I try it, 
>less suitable for objects persistence.
>> A MetaKit row is an object, but not an object of your making. 
>> It can have properties that are ints, strings, doubles, or other 
>> views. So while it's not pickle, it's a whole lot easier to map 
>> object persistence into Metakit than into a conventional 
>Sure it is !
>If MetaKit doesn't yet have an orthogonal persistence model, it seems to 
>be on a good way.
>Maybe the next step will be a mixed of pickle and MetaKit. I like the 
>MetaKit way to query objects. We're getting close to OQL (maybe I'm 
>wrong with the name ... haven't touch an O2 database for years).
>> Don't think you'll find anything that meets those requirements 
>> that doesn't consume vast amounts of resources (including 
>> $$, probably).
>Memory ... gigabytes of memory. But yet, I'm not sure I can find any 
>commercial products to meet my requirements.
>Actually, I'm trying to set this on a cluster and, as I have very few 
>data modifications (4 times a day) I'm looking toward duplication of the 
>database (data distribution thru LH* or RP* gives me headache) ... But 
>all this is a bit out of topic ;-)
*That*'s an interesting usage profile!
Let's return to this later; perhaps we
can generate still other ideas for you.

One mystery to me:  why doesn't DB2 get
more attention?  Version 6 has large
objects, user-defined types, user-defined
functions, triggers, and is available at
no charge for Linux.  I'm just astounded
that this hasn't created more of a buzz.
I'm bring it up here because, with all
the Version 6 goodies, IBM has taken to
talking about its "object-relational"
capabilities and "support for object
orientation".  It might suit your needs
to host DB2 on a Linux box, and leave
just the client software on your MacOS
desktops.  If I didn't have MetaKit, I'd
probably go in a much different direc-
tion and see how nicely Python and DB2
can play together.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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