Corel + Borland = The End of MS Win

Mike Fletcher mfletch at
Thu Feb 10 19:04:20 CET 2000

I believe the Class/Type split is referred to in the quote.

Ruby is interesting as a language.  On reading through the tutorial, I can't
say that I (a non-programmer) was particular struck that "oh, this is a
better language than Python", but it did seem like a well thought out and
usable language (it's been a few months, so that's about as specific as my
recollections get :) ).  On the whole, I didn't see any compelling reason to
switch to Ruby (and the lack of any of the modules I need to get work done
was a serious reason not to ;) ).

Maybe, just maybe, we could stop these recurrent (dull) threads some time
soon?  Some sort of guidelines for posting language reviews and
advertisements?  A branch of the Python mafia going around to people's
houses and "convincing" them?  A few choice trips in the time machine to
effect world domination and eliminate competition?  Something must be done!
comp.lang.python is going to get a reputation for being a Usenet group soon
if we don't act to stem the tide! :)

Enjoy all,

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Paul Boddie wrote:
"Neither Python nor Perl were designed as object-oriented languages."

Is this true about Python ?


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