does opensource move faster with python?

Steve Holden sholden at
Mon Feb 28 02:21:34 EST 2000

"Michal Wallace (sabren)" wrote:
> Does opensource move faster with Python?
> I just surfed over to the GnuCash website. I've been waiting quite a
> while for a "real" release.. But it never seems to come.. Same thing
> with Mozilla.... I'm not trying to rag on them.. But I have to wonder:
> would development move any faster using Python to prototype these
> tools? That's the claim I keep hearing about python.. But how come
> more of the free software world isn't using it?

Ignorance is bliss ...

> ARE there projects out there using python as a prototyping language
> with the possible intention of discarding it eventually and rewriting
> in C?
> Cheers,
> - Michal
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Isn't that the only correct intention of ALL prototyping? (Although not
necessarily with C as the target language: I regard a lot of my personal
work lately as developing prototypes in Python for eventual re-implementation
in Python).  "Python" or "python"? -- "Snake" or "snake"?

Still remember Kernighan and Plauger's advice: first make it work, then make
it work faster (if it doesn't work fast enough).

"If computing ever stops being fun, I'll stop doing it"

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