Carsten Sessler carsten.sessler at
Mon Feb 7 19:45:26 CET 2000


when I tried to access an oracle-database via JDBC invoked in Jpython
strange things happen. Running on command line there's no problem but when
the scipts runs as CGI it fails ("premature end of script error"). The
problem have to be related to the JAVA-classes I use. By first using an
JAVA-class the script won't work (import-command is ok but creating an
object fails). Maybe it's one of the PATH-variables put everyone I know I've

My configuration:
WinNT 4.0 SP 5
Apache 1.3.6
JPython 1.1
Java: MS jview

Any tip can beware me from suicide;-)
Thanks in advance

Carsten Sessler

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