Am I programming in Python mode?

Anders M Eriksson anders.eriksson at
Wed Feb 2 08:31:32 EST 2000


Being new to Python I would like your comments on this function. Is it
written in Pytnon mode?

The function returns a random string, and have 3 params the lenght of
the string, lowercase/Uppercase and dublicates

Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome!!

// Anders

def randStr(n, lower=1, dublicates=1):
    # returns a random string with <n> characters
    # lower         if true only lowercase letters
    # dublicates    if true then the same letter can be repeated
    if lower:
        l = ord('a')
        h = ord('z')
        l = ord('A')
        h = ord('z')
    str = ""
    generator = whrandom.whrandom()
    for i in range (n):
        ch = generator.randint(l,h)
        if dublicates:
            str = str + chr(ch)
            bRepeat = 1
            while bRepeat:
                if not chr(ch) in str:
                    str = str + chr(ch)
                    bRepeat = 0
                    ch = generator.randint(l,h)

    return str

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