Several questions: python plugin, xml-rpc + Medusa

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Feb 8 12:28:55 EST 2000

    Scott> Second question: has anyone melded the xmlrpclib stuff to Medusa
    Scott> yet, other than Zope?  If I were to need something like that,
    Scott> should I just use Zope?  I'm trying to keep things lightweight,
    Scott> and I don't need the full-fledged Zope framework (which is verra,
    Scott> verra nice, but the master of the castle already has one, you
    Scott> see...)

I use the ZServer component of Zope with XML-RPC without using all of Zope.
ZServer is built on Medusa, so it would appear the good folks at Digital
Creations have already done the legwork you require.

    Scott> Thirdly: SOAP sounds interesting as well. Is SOAP as
    Scott> cross-language portable as XML-RPC? I can do the latter in
    Scott> Python, Perl, Java, etc...  what has SOAP been implemented for at
    Scott> this juncture?

SOAP implementations aren't as mature as XML-RPC yet.  I stopped looking
fairly early on because all the stuff I saw floating around required
Internet Explorer or Perl.  Fredrik Lundh is/was working on a Python
interface to SOAP, but I don't know the status.

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