Bit arrays.

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Just wondering if there is an efficient way in python to represent
arrays or lists of bits?

The way that I am thinking of doing it is to make a class in python and
do the following:

Have set and get methods for arbitary places in the array.

It would store the data in an array of ints ( not sure what size yet ).
The best size would depend on how you change/read the array.

The set method would be implemented in the following way:

*Find which element in the array of ints that the bit is in.
*Convert that int into a tupple/list/array of 1s and 0s.
*Find which place in the new list of 1s, and 0s the bit which needs
*Change that bit.
*Convert the list back into a number.

Get would be similar.

I know this would be quite slow if you are doing lots of changes all
over the array, but I am changing large ranges of bits at a time so it
should be possible to cut out lots of conversions.

Anyone think of better ways to do this?  It would probably be worth
doing this as a module in c/c++ no?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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