Python and Samba

Stein M. Eliassen steinme at
Fri Feb 11 14:41:26 EST 2000

Steve Holden wrote:
> Recent versions of Samba come with SMBFS, an UNSUPPORTED client-side driver
> for SMB which will allow Linux systems to mount SMB shares.  However the
> Samba team recommend that you use smbsh, a shell which modifies filename
> semantics so that network resources can be accessed as
>         /smb/hostname/sharename/...
> and this seems to be the way forward ... I'm using the now somewhat
> outdated 2.0.4b on my Linux SPARCstation.  The README-smbmount file
> concludes a summary of alternative with:

I have tried to compile smbwrapper on my Slackware 7.0, but like
other Linux-distros, there seem to be a problem with stat64 structs.

If anyone have a solution on have to compile smbwrapper on linux 2.x I
would be very pleased.

On the other hand, if enough peole requests a SambaPython-lib I might
feel motivated to develop a wrapper thing ;-)


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