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Tue Feb 15 10:10:38 EST 2000

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> Ever wanted python on your palm pilot?
> So have I, unfortunately I haven't the foggiest idea
> if it is even possible.

Steve Menard (steve.mnard at wrote:
> If you can patient, there is currently a project, called
> Stackless Python, that can help you.

Here is my limited understanding. CPython (pre-stackless) uses the
C stack to keep track of data structures called frames, which are
involved in keeping track of variables, the program counter, and
other function-executing-related stuff. Because of this, CPython's
C stack is bigger than it needs to be; the Palm enforces a limit
on the C stack which CPython cannot meet. Stackless Python would
address the problem by moving the frame stack to a separate data
structure, where (as I understand) the Palm enforces no limit other
than available physical memory.
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