local cgi

Michal Wallace sabren at manifestation.com
Sun Feb 13 20:51:37 EST 2000

55555 <55555 at dakotacom.net> wrote in message
<38a717a8_3 at news5.newsfeeds.com>...
>I gave Medusa a try; however, it looks like you have to have a live
internet connection
>for it to work.  That won't be the case a lot of the time.  Is there any
other way for me
>to just associate .py to run on internet explorer through extra registry

Maybe, but I'd doubt it.... and you'd have to change them to run on the web

I'm not familiar with medusa, but I'll try a mind read here...  Maybe
this'll solve your problem:

If you had a webserver running on your local machine, you can
access it through http://localhost/ ... that should work even if you're not
online.. If it *doesn't*... if IE pops up a "call your ISP" box, you can
trick it...
Just go into IE, and go to the "Connection" tab of the "View/Internet
dialog and tell it you have a local area network. Then http://localhost/
work fine. (but you'll have to either set it back or manually dial your ISP
through the icon in dial-up networking)


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