breaking the ; habit

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Sat Feb 12 17:29:11 EST 2000

osorronophris osorronophris [Ryan] wrote:
> I'm a die-hard C++ programmer that recently took up 
> Python for a change of scenery and am enjoying it 
> greatly.  The one problem I am having is that I
> can't break myself of the semicolon habit.  I've 
> tried chewing gum but it just doesn't seem to work, 
> and I'd like to avoid the patch.  Any ideas?

The great thing about Python for recovering C++-a-holics
is that your don't *have* to give up your precious
semi-colons!  Feel free to append end-of-line ;'s to 
your heart's content.

The hard part comes when switching back to Java or
C, and forgetting to add the obligatory decorative 

semicolon-training-wheels-off-your-early-python-code-ly yr's,

Jeff Bauer
Rubicon Research

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