This thread was almost about Python once

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Tue Feb 1 09:11:34 EST 2000

Clarence Gardner <clarence at> wrote:
> What interpreter is so braindead as to assume that particular file
> descriptors are available when it is invoked?  And even if there are
> any, catering to them is worse than all of the Microsoft backward-
> compatibility-to-1985 hacks put together, IMNSHO.

umm.  how about catering to the Single UNIX
Specification?  the following is required to be
true for any program running under Unix:


    At program startup, three streams are predefined and need
    not be opened explicitly: standard input (for reading conventional
    input), standard output (for writing conventional output), and
    standard error (for writing diagnostic output). 


    The following symbolic constants are defined for file streams: 

    File number of stdin. It is 0. 

    File number of stdout. It is 1. 

    File number of stderr. It is 2. 


(the last version of that spec is from 1997, and I doubt
Microsoft was involved in writing it ;-)


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