socket troubles

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Feb 14 10:46:30 EST 2000

Sean Conley wrote:

> This problem has me completely stumped.  I am trying to write a telnet
> client (actually a mud client) in Python.  The problem is that I can
> connect and read information from the socket, but nothing seems to
> happen when I send to the socket.  

How do you know that? Does your app freeze? (that would 
indicate the socket isn't writable). Nothing happens? (most 
likely the server is waiting for more - how does the server know 
when you're done sending?) Do you get an exception?

You're not checking how bytes were actually sent. I have no 
idea what createfilehandler does with the socket, although I'd 
guess that's not the problem.

There's a sockets HOWTO on you should probably 
check out.

> I believe it may be a problem with my
> program, as I had the same problem with Perl/Tk and was unable to solve
> it there either.  So, if anyone has ANY idea why this could be please
> email me or post here.  

My first guess is that you haven't delimited the sent data 
properly, and the server is waiting for more.

- Gordon

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