Async File I/O

Darrell news at
Fri Feb 18 21:58:23 EST 2000

Windows is loaded with async/event/callback stuff.
I'm no expert for sure but here's some code that worked well.
It wakes up when a file is modified.

Look for this snippet.

    int = win32event.WaitForSingleObject( hnd, -1)

> Randall Hopper  wrote:
>  |Is there a way to perform asynchronous file I/O in Python which is
>  |compatible with Tkinter?
>  |
>  |I believe Tk's fileevent might be it, but I don't see any wrapper in
>  |the Tkinter module.  Anyone have a code snippet they could share?
> Never mind.  I found the code bite I needed buried in Dejanews.  The
> for Tkinter (on UNIX) is "createfilehandler".
> UNIX is sufficient for my needs.  But what do Tkinter folks do with this
> situation on MSWindows?  Sleep and poll?  Or is there another API that's
> used?

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