small python implementation or python subset ?

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Thu Feb 10 10:20:17 CET 2000

OK, to summarize all answer that has been dent to me :

1/ On unix the python executable after source compilation seems not to
be stripped. Performing a "strip python", I scaled my executable down to
300 k (instead of 1.3 M - but with almost no module, even the string
implementation in C was not included).

2/ The URL gives a way to reduce
drastically python size. It provides a PDF document describing how to do
this and a patch file to apply to Python 1.5.1 (I didn't try it, and
don't know yet how to apply it, but it seems promising).

Thanks a lot for all your answers.

PS : For future keyword search : embedded python, reducing python,
lightweight python.

Marc BRETTE wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking for a very lightweight implementation of python or for a
> python subset definition.
> I would like to run the python interpreter (or even the python
> interpreter without its parser by running only python bytecode) in a
> very restricted environnement (say a python interpreter less than 300
> k), and I don't need all the fancy functionnalities of python.
> I downloaded the 1.5 distribution but the binary is 1.5 Mb stripped of
> almost all its modules. An older version (1.2) seems lighter (300 k),
> but I don't want a dead distribution.
> Does any one around knows about a lightweigth python or a way to strip
> the regular python distribution ?
> marc
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> Marc Brette
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