Sound related functions or modules in python??

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at
Thu Feb 17 17:57:22 CET 2000

Mridul writes:
 > Could anybody let me know how to play around with sound using python............??
 > to be precise how to program in python for sound related stuff........
 > 1.I want to know how to record sound from a Mic using python??????
 > 2.How to playback recorded sound or files using python........??????
 > 3.If python supports speech-recognition???????
 > 4.Whether python supports speech synthesis?????
 > 5.File formats related to sound that python supports.......?
 > Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

  You don't tell us anything about your platform.
  There's a whole chapter in the library reference on multimedia
modules, which includes sound.  A couple of the platform-specific
chapters near the end of the library reference describe modules that
can at least play audio or control CD drives to do so.
  The library reference is online:


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