run pythonwin scripts remotely from unix -- how?

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Feb 23 04:38:21 EST 2000

In article <w3yg0ukxx7w.fsf at>, George Planansky
<george_planansky at> writes
>Pythonwin looks like a godsend for
>sysadmins.  But how do I run
>a python script on an NT machine, 
>remotely, from unix (solaris say)?  That is,
>how do I achieve the equivalent of rsh,
>going from solaris to NT, using pythonwin ?
>George Planansky
>Earth & Planetary Sciences
>Harvard University

There're lots of server type things around. Check out the pysvr demo in
the source distribution. Basically allows you to run scripts across a
socket. I believe medusa may have similar possibilities.
Robin Becker

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