Win NT Workstation (v4, sp #5) PWS Unable to use Python?

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue Feb 1 07:05:55 EST 2000

"Benjamin Schollnick" <junkster at> wrote in
news:rNHvjEdhm5Pp-pn2-UxVidzkzz7KW at

> if I have just "c:\progra~1\python\python.exe" the task just "sits"
> there until
> it times out.
> If it's "c:\progra~1\python\python.exe -u %s %s" , the result is
> always
> "python.exe: unable to open <filename>".
> Anyone have any suggestions?

Try putting the %s in quotes - maybe the path to the script you are
executing has a space in it?


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