Ann: PMZ - Poor Man's Zope

Paul Prescod paul at
Fri Feb 4 03:28:12 CET 2000

Gordon McMillan wrote:
> Hmm. Looks to me like PMZ runs anywhere, DTML in Zope,
> ASP under IIS and PSP under a servlet style web server.

Ahh, but those are implementations. The language is the interface.

> > It's none of my busiess
> > since I don't use any of them but it must be awfully confusing for
> > people who just want to do ASP-like stuff in Python.
> Of course it is!
> How many parsers do you have over there in XML-land?

Dozens and one standardized interface: SAX. "What parser should I use?"
"Doesn't matter. Use SAX and whatever you have laying around." :)

Okay, some of these are probably (?) syntactically constrained by their
environments (PSP and Python on ASP) ... but there must be lots of areas
where they could standardize stuff, especially in the all-Python
implementations like PMZ, DocumentTemplate and "real" Zope.

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