A question from a total newbie

Matthew Barre mbarre at mac.com
Wed Feb 23 22:12:06 EST 2000

I'm also a total newbie. I've found O'Reilly's Learning Python book to be
invaluable. I knew a tiny bit of Java and some Javascript and that was all.
I just finished the O'Reilly book and I feel somewhat capable to do some
simple programs now. Perl may have the camel book, but I think that for
beginning Pythoners the mouse book is hard to beat.

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> Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 02:47:28 GMT
> Subject: A question from a total newbie
> Hi ! I am a total newbie to python, although I had a little programming
> experience in Pascal, Fortran and PL/1.
> I would firstly want to apologize if this is not the place to ask my
> questions, and I would be very grateful if you can point out to me where
> to ask, if this is not the place to ask. Thanks in advance.
> Here are my question:
> Since I am a total newbie in python, where should I start?
> I am thinking of starting on DOS level, without any cumbersome
> layers on windows. Do you recommend that?
> If so, where can I get python that runs on DOS?
> And what else do I need? What is TCK or whatever it is I saw on
> www.python.org? I am not sure about those things, I hope if someone here
> can give me a pointer or two.
> Books, which are the books for newbies that you recommend? There are so
> many books out there I do not know which ones are good.
> Are there any online tutorials that I can use, while I am selecting
> which book to buy?
> There are many more questions I think I should ask, unfortunately I do
> not know what else to ask. If you know what other questions I should
> ask, I would appreciate if you can help me ask the right questions.
> <smile>
> Thank you all.
> Please cc: me a copy of your reply so I can be sure to get your advice.
> Lisa
> lisse at saintmail.net
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