Font in tkinter / idle

Jon K Hellan hellan at
Wed Feb 23 03:37:12 EST 2000

"Robert Hicks" <rhicks at> writes:

> you want to edit
> if sys.platform[:3] == 'win':
>             text['font'] = ("verdana", 10)
> #            text['font'] = ("courier new", 10)

Thanks. That doues it. Actually:

        if sys.platform[:3] == 'win':
            text['font'] = ("lucida console", 10)
            text['font'] = ("lucida typewriter", 12)

But according to eff-bot on Deja News, it should also be
possible to do it with X resources. I've tried things like

Idle*Text.Font: lucida typewriter 12
PyShell*Text.Font: lucida typewriter 12
PyShell.Font: lucida typewriter 12

And haven't found the right resource to set.

Anyway, I hate to change the source. Will have to reapply the change
next version. I suppose there must be a way to specify a default serif
font and a default sans serif font for Tk.

My color scheme for dark blue background looks like this (I use
background "#00005a"):

class ColorPrefs:
    CNormal     = "white", "#00005a"
    CKeyword    = "#a0ffff", None
    CComment    = "#ffb0b0", None
    CString     = "#e0e0a0", None
    CDefinition = "#b2e4ff", None
    CHilite     = None     , "darkolivegreen"
    CSync       = None, None
    CTodo       = None, None
    CBreak      = "#ff7777", None
    CHit        = "#ffffff", "#000000"
    CStdIn      = None, None
    CStdOut     = "gray90", None
    CStdErr     = "red3", None
    CConsole    = "yellow3", None
    CError      = None, "#ff7777"
    CCursor     = None, "gray75"



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