Python binaries as zip archive

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Sun Feb 13 14:16:53 EST 2000

Jason Stokes <jstok at> wrote:
> J.C.Travers wrote in message <38A6F986.F3F29C95 at>...
> >RPM1 wrote:
> >>
> >> Try,
> >>
> >>
> >>      It's an EXE but it extracts even if you don't have privileges.
> >
> >No it doesn't. Well it didn't for me.
> >
> >I don't see the reason for not issueing a normal zip archive. Making a
> >self-extracting binary doesn't make it much easier, (esp with winzip
> >etc...) but causes lots of trouble for people like me. At least both
> >should be offered...
> It's not just a self-extractor, it's a self-installer that registers
> on the add/remove programs list.  If you don't have install priveliges,
> not going to work no matter how it's packaged.

umm.  the stuff at the is just a
self-extractor.  it explodes itself into c:\py15, and
doesn't touch the registry or the system directory.

the installer is a real installer, though.


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