Python Palm Pilot Hotsync Conduit

David Maslen david.maslen at
Mon Feb 7 17:19:55 EST 2000

Jeff Senn <senn at> writes:
> All this talk about Christian's SP and Python for the Palm Pilot
> reminded me:
> I have a (mostly complete) wrapper for the low-level Palm SyncManager
> routines that would allow one to write HotSync conduits in Python (on
> Windows).
> I paused in the development (read: got distracted) so there are some
> loose ends.  If anyone is interested in picking it up for the 'greater
> good', I'll contribute my code...

Could this be of any value to pyrite[1]? That's what I use as a conduit
for my palm pilot, but I don't think it is running under windows.


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