[GemStone/S] GemStone CORBA client to Python server

Thierry Thelliez thierry at acm.org
Mon Feb 14 11:58:39 EST 2000


I need to prototype a CORBA connection between GemStone and a module
written in Python.

GemStone will NOT be a server in this case. Depending on some
conditions, a Gem will have to connect
to a python server (serving graphics). Most of the time the Gem will NOT
have to connect to this
Python server.

I have tested my Python server with a Python client (with omniORB.py).
Seems to work ok.

So the questions are:

1- How do I use GemStone as a CORBA client ?

Being very new to GemOrb and CORBA, I am wondering if I really need a
ORBBroker + ORBServer when I don't need the GemStone CORBA server
capabilities (at this point).
I am not sure to understand the CorbaORB usefulness. It seems to be a
small client for development ?

2- How do I start a GemStone CORBA client on an IOR string ?

When I start my Python server, I get an IOR string that I give as input
argument to
my Python client. I browsed the GemStone code without finding an
equivalent. GemORB
documents how to start a connection on a given port but not on a given

3- How do I share this IOR ?

This is more a general CORBA question, but what do I do with this IOR
string generated by server ?
Store it in a file ? How do I pass it to the client ? What if server and
client don't work on the same
server ? Should the client access this file through ftp or something
like that ? Or am I missing
something in CORBA ?

Thanks a lot !

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