Phython as In-Game scripting language

Jason Stokes jstok at
Fri Feb 25 12:04:56 EST 2000

Shawn LeBlanc wrote in message <20000225153511.19694.qmail at>...
>>What sort of game are you writing? First person shooter on PC?
>Right now, it's more R&D than anything else. The idea is having
>a more-or-less generallized 3d engine, but the actual design seems
>to lean towards the Quake/Unreal model. So, we would be able to
>make a FPS with it, but that's not our goal as of yet.

We should note that the Unreal engine does have an embedded scripting
language (Unrealscript) so it's clearly doable -- and I'm sure Python could
be used, but whether it's easy enough and whether it gives you the
performance you need, is not assured.

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