What GUI widgets are available?

Boudewijn Rempt boud at rempt.xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 8 01:51:03 EST 2000

Ronald Caudill <mrcaudillNOmrSPAM at yahoo.com.invalid> wrote:

> The programs I want to do soon needs a Grid widget and a calendar
> widget. Are these widgets available in Python? Or can one write
> your own. Or what do Python programmers do when they need widgets
> like this?

There are two or three widgets in PyKDE and PyQt that can be used as
a grid widget, but none of them are editable. If you're looking for
something as complete as the vsFlexGrid OCX available for Windows,
you're stuck - none of the widget sets that I've evaluated had a decent
editable grid*).

Writing your own editable grid is a serious undertaking. I've made a
start with a two-column listview of which the second cell is editable,
but it's not easy. In fact, most of the underlying C or C++ toolkits
haven't got a decent grid either, so all in all I must conclude that
most people find this a difficult thing to make... People on the Qt
mailing list keep asking for one, and Troll Tech keeps on not adding
one ;-).

You'll have to write (or wrap) your own calendar widget, too. But a
calendar widget isn't too difficult to make - just pipe the output of
cal into a grid, for a start.

*) For my definition of decent, a grid should at least have the following
features: unlimited cols/rows, cells editable with a line-editor or an
optionally editable combobox. Cells should be able to contain pixmaps,
text in fonts and colours specific to the cell. The lines that form
the grid should be customizable. Cell-height and width should be
customizable (height per row, width per cell). Built-in outlining and
folding capabilities are a bonus.


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