Whitespace as syntax (was Re: Python Rocks!)

wolf at one.net wolf at one.net
Wed Feb 9 17:36:32 EST 2000

Thomas Hamelryck <thamelry at vub.ac.be> wrote:

>I am in exactly the same position. It was a serious design error.
>I wonder how the CP4A people are going to explain to complete
>computer illiterates that a python program can contain errors that
>are _not even visible_ when you look at the code. 

Probably the same way C programmers explain that a C program can
contain errors that are _not even visible_ when you look at the code. 

The kind of errors produced by incorrect indentation are exactly the
same kind produced by misplaced braces. Or misbehaved pointers... :)

Just for the record I think Python's indentation as code blocking is a
*marvelous* idea. It does require an editor smart enough to translate
tabs into x # of spaces, but surely that's not too great a stretch for
any editor on any OS these days?

It also requires a bit of programmer discipline, but surely beginning
programmers should learn good habits from the beginning? And of course
Python will pretty much lay the code formatting religous wars to rest!


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