Which GUI?

Tom Loredo loredo at spacenet.tn.cornell.edu
Wed Feb 23 16:10:44 EST 2000

Pieter Claerhout wrote:
> What  about toolkits for the Mac. The MacOS toolbox is nowhere
> mentioned, and also the problems we have with running Tcl/Tk
> on the Mac are mentioned nowhere. Any suggestions on what else
> will work with a Mac?

I'm working mostly on Solaris now, but my Python work will also
have to run on a Mac and perhaps Win also.  I've heard a few
mentions now of problems with Tcl/Tk on the Mac (here and in
regard to IDLE).  I've yet to give it a try, but before I do,
what are the problems on the Mac side with Tcl/Tk?  And with
Tkinter?  Is it just the mediocre Tk look-and-feel?  Does
Tkinter not work at all on the Mac?  Are there particular
widgets that must be avoided?

Tom Loredo

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