tkinter manual wanted

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Wed Feb 16 18:26:25 EST 2000

Joseph Paish" <jpaish at> wrote:
> i am looking for a downloadable tkinter manual/tutorial.  i have found
> one or two on the web (on, i think) but would like
> something that can be read without going online.  pdf format would be
> ideal, if such a thing exists.

a PDF version is available from:

to make a local copy of the HTML version, use the
"websucker" utility (you'll find it under Tools in the
standard Python source distribution).

Robert Hicks <rhicks at> wrote:
> Unfortunately Tkinter documentation is scarce. The is a book out called
> Python and Tkinter programming by Grayson.

that plug had looked better if you had answered his
question as well...


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