breaking the ; habit

Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Feb 16 00:55:19 EST 2000

[Steve Holden]
> ...
> One thing I *can* be sure of: if Tim was offended, you'd be
> likely to hear about it!

Indeed!  One person on managed to offend me over the last two years,
and he did hear about it.  QED.

We eventually *almost* made up in pvt, but then I got a flu and lost the
"make up" thread to a crushing email backlog, so now he's probably offended
by me again.

That is, I appear doomed to give offense far more than take it.  I suppose
we should announce a competition to see who can offend me next.  Oh ya --
comp.lang.python would really benefit from that <wink>.

    y'rs  - tim

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