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Fri Feb 25 13:08:49 CET 2000

Hi All--

piet at wrote:
> >>>>> see_plus_plus at (spp) writes:
> spp> Wait & See.
> spp> This new compiler is coming out from the same country where Mercedez,
> spp> BMW & Porsche are produced. You know the quality of those cars, do you?
> spp> cpp
> Like the Mercedes A-model that flipped over when you took a curve too fast.

Which reminds me of the Harry Hopkins Jumping Tank.  Sometime in the
fifties (IIRC), the English decided that a rocket-assisted tank that
could "jump" over obstacles that would stop ordinary tanks might be a
useful thing to develop.  So develop it they did.  It worked very well,
except for the annoying tendency to land on its back, thereby squashing
the turret and ocassionally killing the driver. ...

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