Whitespace as syntax (was Re: Python Rocks!)

Thomas A. Bryan tbryan at python.net
Mon Feb 7 19:07:46 EST 2000

Roy Smith wrote:

> I fear disaster every time I have to move a block of code.  As the logic
> of my program develops, I'll either have to move a block of code into an
> if, or move it out of one, or I'll take a block of code and turn it into
> a function/method of its own, or maybe even extract something into a
> subclass.  This means cutting and pasting (well, killing and yanking,
> since I use emacs), and changing the indent level up or down.  Emacs
> tries to be smart about indenting and sometimes does something wrong,
> changing the meaning of the code.  Worse, it leaves behind not only code
> which is semantically wrong and syntactically correct, but it's also
> visually reasonable looking.  It is a human factors nightmare.

Straying even farther off topic, doesn't C-c < and C-c > in Python mode
take care of this problem?  Kill, yank, shift.  Done.  

Or did I miss the point?

no-reason-to-use-emacs-without-python-mode-ly yours

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