Strings & 1.6 (was RE: (no subject))

Tim Peters tim_one at
Sat Feb 26 09:08:20 CET 2000

[Gerrit Holl]
> Aren't they [string functinos] becoming obsolete? Won't the string be
> deprecated?  Not sure what's the difference ;)

I haven't heard Guido say that the string module is slated for death.  If he
does, "deprecated" and/or "obsolete" mean that, like the old deprecated
regex module, they'll live longer than we do <wink>.

> ...
> Where can I find more info on those Unicode strings, except in the source?

Nowhere.  The people writing the code are the only ones who can provide
definitive answers, but they're apparently too busy writing the code to post
a summary here yet.

> ...
> Indeed, I find [].sort() very irritating and often have this
> function defined:
> def sortlist(l, *args):
>     apply(l.sort, args)
>     return l

This is all wrong, but not for the reason you think <wink>:  you shouldn't
have this function defined more than once.  Write a
module containing stuff like this, and just import it.

or-name-it-tims_pet_peeves-if-you're-bold-ly y'rs  - tim

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