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Fri Feb 18 02:41:46 CET 2000

Hi All--

Paul Prescod wrote:
> Ivan Van Laningham wrote:
> >
> >
> > Addtionally, the last 8 chapters of _Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours_
> So the idea is you walk around reading the book for one day (no sleep,
> no breaks) and by the end you're a Python expert. I could see that being
> valuable for people who pad their resumes and then need to cram before
> their first day of work.

Nope.  You won't be an expert unless you were already an expert.  If
people who pad their resumes take 24 hours to read the book, you have a
lot more things to worry about than their Python expertise. ...

> Compare:
> I-knew-Python-was-20-times-easier 'ly yrs

As I said, I targetted the book to people who want to learn how to
program.  I think I can teach them 20 times as much as with Perl.  Oh,
'scuse me, didn't mean to swear.

<besides-you-can't-teach-expert-if-you-ain't-one>-ly y'rs,
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