Call for Patch for Borland compiler

Warren Postma embed at
Tue Feb 22 09:31:25 EST 2000

"David Ascher" <DavidA at> wrote in message
news:000a01bf7c92$a208fa30$c355cfc0 at
> Inprise/Borland has made their C++ compiler on Windows free (as in beer).
> Guido has expressed that it would be nice to have makefiles which allowed
> one to build Python with this compiler by the next release.  If someone is
> interested in providing this patch, that'd be great.
> See compiler download info at:
> See instructions for patch submissions at
> --david ascher
I could try this.

How does one create the unix "patch" files while running on Windows? Would I
need to download cygwin to get the make and tar and other unixish toolsets?
I already have BC++ 5.5 installed on my hard drive.


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