Corel + Borland = The End of MS Win

Bernhard Reiter breiter at usf.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE
Thu Feb 10 09:39:18 CET 2000

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	thucdat1143 at writes:
> It doesn't matter anymore that Gates resigned, maybe he already saw
> where Coplan was heading to. That's the end of Python/Tcl/Perl on Win32.

Oh, you mean, because Win32 will die out so quickly because
Borland and Corel have joined.

>From the technical point of view, the Borland products I used always
left things to be desired.

> Erase your 95/98/NT, install Linux now. Bright future for everything
> (Python, Tcl, Perl) on Linux because Unix is their home anyway.
Python is very much at home on Win32. 
And I hope it will stay his way, because python saves my day if I
really have to do "stuff" on Win32.
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