What is the correct way to install PIL on Windows

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Fri Feb 18 15:09:10 EST 2000

>>>>> Tonetheman <agcolstonNOagSPAM at buckman.com.invalid> (T) writes:

T> I downloaded a precompiled version of PIL for Python 1.52 from
T> Pythonware (I think) and I unzipped it. I am very new to using
T> python so be kind if possible.

T> After a while I figured out that I needed to move the
T> _imaging.dll to the DLLS directory. I knew that I needed to
T> create a PIL diretory somewhere.

T> After hacking around a while I found a registry key and added
T> the pil directory to the system path. Now when I go into python
T> and type
T> import sys
T> print sys.path
T> it includes the PIL directory. Everything seems to work fine.

T> My question is what is the correct way to install the package?
T> Should I have just used PYTHONPATH? There was another strange
T> file in the zipped up distribution called pil.pth. Is this file
T> supposed to be placed somewhere and that will somehow tell
T> python where everything is at? If so did I just miss it in the
T> docs.

Unzip the zip file in the Python directory. The pil.pth file will have the
same effect as adding the PIL directory to PYTHONPATH. No need to move the
_imaging.DLL file.
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